International cargo logistics operator

We design and manage all the logistic chain that our client requires in our service.
Our service manage all the international cargo of merchandise for import and export to the destiny that is require with different modalities:

Air cargo

we commission all the international air transport with flights all weeks. We consolidate your cargo to offer you the best service according to your necessities.

Sea cargo

we coordinate the election of the origin more efficient with low cost to ship your merchandise

Land cargo

We count with a modern fleet of heavy and light transport, with coverage nationwide with all the authorizations to move your merchandise in general, to ensure a quality service.


Multimodal cargo

we offer you a personalize service with a big level of agents around the world


Customs Agency

Muelles with more than 10 years of experience in the market, we have a legal technical area specialized in customs legislation that guarantees that the processes are developed within the customs legal framework.

Our team of professionals makes possible the customs clearance service from the reception of the necessary documents until the authorized lifting of the cargo.


We provide you the insurance service for international trade. We accompany our clients to achieve success in their management, we advise you at every stage of the logistics chain. From hiring the right coverage for each client based on their needs to the claims process. We have the experience and the necessary strength to provide the best support for the transportation of your cargo worldwide.




We have the service of collecting, tracking and personalized distribution of documents in a massive way at local level and within the entire national territory.

Within the service we offer delivery of payments, envelopes, letters, etc.